The most cost effective way to keep an elevator up-and-running

The one thing that really annoys facility occupants is an out-of-service elevator.

Building occupants and visitors expect access to fast and 100% reliable vertical transportation. The growing use of elevators for convenience and access means building owners and facility managers must ensure important assets such as elevators are properly maintained.

Why are so many building owners waiting for a problem to occur, when a comprehensive maintenance program helps keep elevator costs low?

When an elevator is in desperate need of repairs, the system has become a liability or is no longer code compliant, the cost to solve these problems becomes pointedly higher and repairs are made more difficult.

The consequences of not conducting appropriate maintenance are typically observed during the middle and later years of an elevators system’s lifecycle. This is when the effects of maintenance neglect become obvious.

Benefits of regular elevator maintenance:

  • Increase your tenant retention
  • Extend the life of existing equipment
  • Lessen costs for building owners by upgrading technology and design, without undertaking lump sum modernisation costs
  • Eliminate many common problems like improper door operation, inaccurate stopping and inoperative safety devices
  • The most cost effective way to minimise elevator breakdowns

Orbitz Elevators are able to service all types of original equipment manufacturers. We have a comprehensive, proactive maintenance program with 3 levels designed to meet the equipment, usage, and budgetary needs of every building owner. Contact Orbitz Elevators for further information and don’t wait for costly problems to escalate.

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