““National Storage are proud to have been working with Orbitz Elevators for five years now. They assist with helping our centres uphold a high standard of onsite facilities (https://nationalstorage.com.au/services/onsite-facilities/), specifically lift installs and periodic lift maintenance servicing. Our general experience and satisfaction working with the Orbitz Elevators team is superb. They execute scheduled servicing and Platinum servicing contracts with reliability and professionalism. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with Orbitz Elevators well in to the future. https://nationalstorage.com.au/”

Mal McAllan

National Storage Australia

“Storage King Helensvale would like to thank Orbitz Elevators for all their efforts and service with our much used Industrial Lifts. We have been open now for 16 months with huge problems in the beginning with our lifts breaking down which was an absolute nightmare for such a busy centre. Orbitz took on a huge job of fixing all the problems and since they have taken over 2 months ago we haven’t had any concerns and actually the lifts are now running so smooth you can’t even tell they are moving. Once again a huge thank you to Jon and his team, you have made our world so much easier here. We look forward to a long and successful business relationship with Orbitz Elevators.”

Leanne Andriani

Storage King Helensvale

“In the last 25 years, I have dealt with numerous elevator service providers and Orbitz Elevators has outstood them all! Their responsiveness, communication and reliability has been the best I have encountered. Our previous service providers were very difficult to deal with, we found ourselves fighting for them and there was a huge lack of communication which is a vital necessity for us at Synergy Broadbeach. We found the Orbitz team be professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Our maintenance boys have formed strong relationships with Izaias in particular who has demonstrated outstanding work ethic. We highly recommend Orbitz Elevators! Thank you again from the team at Synergy Broadbeach.”

Craig Picone

Synergy Broadbeach

“Thank you from all at Frangipani for the huge effort. We appreciate your concern for our project and the outstanding job you have done in getting the lift up and running immediately. All our residents are very appreciative and acknowledge the after-hours you and your team have put in.”

Domenica De Pasquale

Frangipani Apartments


“Overall, we were really pleased with our experience with Orbitz Elevators and the end result. The critical factor for us was the prompt delivery of the lift to our site. As it turned out, Orbitz Elevators excelled with this and the lift was delivered in a timely manner without any delays. The install of the product went smoothly without any hitches and we didn’t have any issues with any of their employees. For me, I was appreciative of the fact that there were a few hurdles caused by external parties such as the issue with the client’s electricity provider to which Orbitz Elevators made no fuss and got on with the job accordingly. We would definitely use Orbitz Elevators again. At the end of the day, the client has a product they are very happy with and it was installed in a timely manner.“

Antonio Avolio

Beech Constructions

“What we really appreciate from Orbitz Elevators are the follow-up calls and how they constantly check up on us to see how everything is going. Their services are very prompt in comparison to what we have dealt with in the past which has given us a piece of mind knowing we have a reliable service provider looks after our lifts. They are very easy to deal with, well-spoken and professionally presented. Their staff always have taken the time to go through and provide us with information about the service, our lifts and their current condition before signing out which is always good to know. We have already recommended Orbitz Elevators to some associates of ours and we look forward to working with them into the future! A big thank you from the team at Serene Retirement Living!”

Mish Kitchin

Serene Retirement Living

“Orbitz Elevators were very reliable and easy to deal with. There were no dramas and the project went very smoothly. I’ve dealt with a couple other lift companies in the past and I found that the Orbitz staff were very friendly and approachable. They were very organised and had everything ready to go when needed and truly stuck to their core value of professionalism. We really felt a sense of teamwork and collaboration with the Orbitz staff and we all worked together to get the job done efficiently. I haven’t come across many other lift companies that have collaborated as well as Orbitz Elevators has and it was a pleasure to be work with them.”

Rod Howard

General Estates Corporation

“Hutchinson Builders were the Head Contractor appointed to complete the refurbishment of the Esplanade Hotel in St Kilda. The head contract included various refurbishment works within the Iconic venue with a mix of new build extensions while maintaining the Heritage element to the existing structure while providing a full refurbishment of the internal fabric of the building including the supply and installation of 2 new lifts, 1 patron and 1 goods lift. Orbitz Elevators were appointed as the lift contractor for the project. Due to existing special constraints of the building, Orbitz were successful in the challenge of providing 2 fit for purpose lifts that overcame all site constraints. The Orbitz team were a high performing contractor throughout the project, they were proactive in identifying potential issues with proposed solutions, through his collaborative approach and willingness to spend time onsite with the consultants and clients, Orbitz assisted the project team to maintain resources and program with practical, fit for purpose lift solutions. Orbitz were instrumental in the active involvement with the client to review technical and operational requirements of the venue to ensure the end product met the client’s particular requirements. I highly recommend Orbitz Elevators for any future projects that they are actively interested in and/or are tendering for.”

Dan Haycox

Hutchinson Builders

astor metropole

“Orbitz carried out an efficient evaluation and reinstatement of [2 high-rise elevators] in what we considered was a professional and economical exercise with satisfactory results. Based upon that experience the maintenance of 2 further commercial lifts have now been transferred to Orbitz with similarly satisfactory results to date. We have also entered into arrangements with Orbitz for the installation of 3 new lifts in different properties. We found the preparation of the drawings and material selections for these lift agreements to again be very professional and exact at prices considerably less than the nearest alternative quotation. We wish this group the best success in the future.”

Philip Churven

General Estates Corporation

“The quality of service that Orbitz Elevators deliver to us here at The Breakfree Moroccan is far superior than our previous service providers. They had offered us flexible contract options which suited our business needs and we feel we have received good value for money. Their level of professionalism is outstanding, their staff are always well groomed, dressed appropriately and presentable in our resort. I have found they are very easy to deal with and are always friendly and approachable. We would definitely recommend Orbitz Elevators for anyone out there looking for a good service provider. A big thank you from The Breakfree Moroccan.”

Fahad Hayat

The Breakfree Moroccan

steel storage australia

“Steel Storage Australia Pty Ltd have had the pleasure of being associated with Orbitz Elevators through their expertise in the supply and installation of goods/passenger lifts on two recent four level self-storage facilities. We have found Orbitz to be efficient, deliver on time and a company of integrity.”

Phil Davies

Steel Storage Australia Pty Ltd

“Orbitz Elevators has outperformed all previous elevator service providers I have dealt with simply by just getting the job done. Our Elevator had been out of order for the last 12 months and I was struggling to find repair quotes within our budget. I found that most other elevator companies I had got in contact with were inflexible and overpriced for what had needed to be done. Orbitz Elevators knew exactly what needed to be fixed for the lift to be safely up and running again for our customers with a price within our budget. They provided us with flexible solutions which allowed us to finally get our lift up and running again. Their staff are very knowledgeable and friendly which makes dealing with them a breeze.“

Maurice van Tilburg

Hard Rock Café Surfers Paradise

“When we first came across Orbitz Elevators, we were reluctant in using an unknown elevator company other than the well-known brands in today’s industry. I was very impressed by the enthusiasm and efforts made by Jonathan Dwayre (Managing Director) to win the Job. I could really sense the passion and commitment that he has for Orbitz Elevators and his vision to succeed within the industry, I had to give them a try. I rarely had as much interaction with another lift company before and their reliability and performance on site really exceeded my expectations. When Geoff Gatehouse joined Orbitz as the new National Operations Manager, he really excelled within his new role and further boosted our confidence. He made things stress free. A great product which didn’t incur any issues throughout the builders lift period, I would certainly use Orbitz Elevators again and would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable lift company for future projects.”

Greg Campbell

QM Properties

“Working with Orbitz Elevators has truly been a pleasure and we are extremely pleased with the service they have provided us. What stood out the most was their empathy and communication. Being a busy hotel in the heart of Brisbane, it was very important that we chose a contractor that could be flexible with site visit times and could communicate with us effectively to minimise the impact at our hotel when carrying out lift services. As hotel occupancy can fluctuate, having an elevator out of service whilst the building is at high occupancy can really affect the functionality of the hotel, leading to unhappy customers and effecting overall business. The communication and responsiveness from Orbitz Elevators was exactly what we were looking for, flexible, communicative and responsive. The staff are very professional and well-groomed during their visits, blending into our luxury hotel without a problem. We highly recommend Orbitz Elevators.”

Dean Nicholls

Rydges Hotel Fortitude Valley


“As the foreman from ATG Projects, I got to deal directly with the technicians from Orbitz Elevators who installed for me a unique lift. I am mostly impressed with the quality and professionalism of Jon’s team, mainly due to the hurdles he had to overcome to achieve completion. The existing lift shaft in the building had to be structurally altered to make room for the new compliant lift from Orbitz Elevators. Throughout the install, Jon and his team communicated well, worked safely and efficiently around other trades and most importantly delivered me a product on time and to a standard that he should be very proud of. I wish to thank Jon and his team once again from Orbitz Elevators for delivering a product that was promised from the start..”

Aaron Whitfield

ATG Projects

“We were faced with a situation in that our elevators delivery were delayed and handover had to take place. John and his team were outstanding working till late hours and working through holiday periods to get the elevator installation completed. Their workmanship was of a high calibre and that resulted us having the elevators commissioned before handover. Any technical issues were handled with immediate feedback and professionalism. Definitely recommend Orbitz for any elevator installation.”

Miguel Jardim

Steel Storage Australia Pty Ltd

“I was introduced to Orbitz Elevators through an associate who raved on about her experience with Orbitz Elevators, and so I was eager to find out more. Their level of professionalism and communication was outstanding! I was provided with detailed project information which made it easy for me to send to our body corporate committee. All staff were very helpful and friendly, and we have had no issues or complaints. I found that Orbitz Elevators are a company of integrity who care about their customers and keep their promises. Thank you again to the Orbitz team for providing a pleasant experience and making my job easier!”

Janie McNeill

Body Corporate Services Pty Ltd

“I was very pleased with my overall experience with Orbitz Elevators. The fact that they are a local based business really made it convenient for us knowing we had the Orbitz expertise and resources close by and enabled quick on the spot decision making. They were also very flexible with their contracts and we were able to use the elevators as builder’s lifts throughout the project which really helped improve the efficiency and productivity of our project. Their staff are very professional and easy to deal with and I had no complaint’s what so ever from any of the site crew. Orbitz Elevators met all expectations and we were very pleased with the outcome. A big thank you to the team at Orbitz Elevators!”

Peter McKendry

RGD Constructions

“Initially, Fujitec installed the lifts at Petromin Haus and It has been an extremely difficult task to find a contractor to service our lifts ever since Fujitec left PNG and took all relevant information on the equipment when they completed the job. Prior to Orbitz Elevators commencing operations in PNG, I couldn’t find a single service provider that was able to effectively identify and deal with the issues we had on our lifts. In the last 3 years without a service provider, the issues deteriorated to a stage where in July 2017 there were major oil leakages and constant breakdown of the lifts. But now with the help of Orbitz Elevators, who only began operations in PNG recently, the oil leakages have been cleaned and fixed with the lifts back in immaculate condition. Although Orbitz were handicapped with the fact that all relevant information relating to the equipment were not readily available, they took less than three weeks to identify the problems, order spare parts from Australia and to completely fix and clean the oil leakages. With Orbitz Elevators, we get fast response times, experienced professionals, and best of all, a peace of mind. We know they can handle any issue that comes up, so we no longer have to worry about our lifts.”

Francis Lola

Kumul Minerals

“Not many people get excited about lifts… but the boys at Orbitz Elevators certainly do. They recently commissioned and handed over lifts number 5 & 6 at KeepSafe Storage, Welshpool. They are rated to 3-ton, big floor space and are very fast, which is perfect for Self Storage. Thanks to Jon and his team for their service and support over the last 4 years. Lifts are a critical part of our business and reliability is key. Highly recommended! Ps – they look pretty flash as well!”

Shaun Bain

KBH Group of Companies
Orbitz Elevators