August 6, 2015
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All Lifts Are AS1735 And BCA E3 Compliant

All Lifts Also Come With Australian Design Registration Certificates

Lifts For Hospitals And Nursing Homes

Quiet and Silent operation to avoid disturbance to patients

Elevator Car dimensions adapted to the healthcare building technical requests

Smooth operation with precise leveling accuracy for wheelchairs and patients

Auto-Dialer for emergency situations and car attendant for movement control

Ergonomic car decorations with DDA compliant displays, special lighting and flush mounted car operating panels

Elevators For Shopping Centres

Lifts in larger-scale commercial sites can be electric MRL (machine-roomless) lifts or hydraulic lifts, depending on the particular needs and conditions of each project. An important distinction to be made is between lifts to be used for both goods and passengers and goods-only lifts. In both cases, the high levels of traffic require robust and hard-wearing equipment, designed and built to last.

Lifts For Underground And Above Ground Stations

• Underground and overground railway stations
The high levels of daily passenger use characteristic of the mass transport railway systems common in large cities for inner city travel and communication with their suburban areas demand very high-specification lift systems, which we at Orbitz have a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing over many years. Independently of whether the lift systems are electric, with or without a machine room or hydraulic, we re well-versed in the design and manufacture of lifts for underground stations suitable or people with reduced mobility, vandal-resistant, fire-resistant, water-resistant – and any other specifications to suit the relevant standards and regulations.

Public Buildings

Public buildings (offices, hotels, museums, government buildings, listed buildings and so on). This is a very varied category which includes anything from corporate office buildings to commercial properties. What they all have in common is high levels of traffic. What we offer for this kind of building are electric lifts, with or without a machine room and with a choice of travel speeds. The advanced technology we deploy allows us to offer maximum performance and significantly smaller shaft spaces.

Vandal Resistant

Our vandal resistant lifts category I are equipped with the following equipment:

• Vandal resistant car and landing doors: Available in several panel executions
including EN81-58, E120 and EW60 class fire rated panels. Re-enforced door panels with slanted tamper-preventing back profile at door closing side. Compliant with paragraphs and of EN81-71. Door panels successfully passed EN81-71 pendulum test for EN81-71 level II compliance. (Paragraphs and Flexible finishing possibilities include vandal-resistant heavy-duty stainless steel cladding patterns such as 5WL, leather or linen.
• Heavy duty car with special design with protective measures complying with
The Anti-flammability Standard EN13501-1 Class C. Car roofs including Hatch are able to resist more than 150kg. Vandal resistant led lights are compulsory assuring 100 lux in car floor. Easy to clean car enclosures with vandal, fire and water-resistant finishes.
• VR – Car operating panel with special release system. Supplied with IP54
push buttons and vandal resistant Displays.
• VR- Landing face plates and signalisation. VANDAL RESISTANT LIFTS CAT. II
• Car alarm according to regulation.

In addition to each item shown above we need to provide twice more efforts to control crushing, shearing, cutting, trapping, impact hazard, electrical and thermal hazard in our lifts. The car construction is not less than 21mm thick, complying with EN13501-1 class A2, using VR leds. Pegasus doors are provided with the proper VR –Cat.II certificate.
Each set of electrical equipment includes a safety system according to EN81-71 including intrusion control, controller cabinet and main floor alarm with adjustable volume .

Fire Fighter Lifts

Our international experience allow us to comply with the most demanding fire regulations throughout the world. European EN81-73, EVACUATION LIFT BS9999
from U.K, FIRE FIGHTING EN81-72, AS1735 Anex A (Australia), NFP 81-207 (France), Firemen function (Belgium), Spanish Public Buildings, GOST R 52382- 2010 (Russia).

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