The Mega AS1735 and BCA E3 Compliant

The Mega also comes with Australian Design Registration Certificates

At Orbitz our years of experience installing and maintaining lifts and elevators makes us very aware of what solutions our clients really need: lift systems which are price competitive and reliable.


Installation – easy & straightforward

The Silens-Pro Mega cuts installation time and saves money. Our Installation procedure allows easy assembly of the lift system with greater access to the shaft and throughout. We Supply clear instructions, highly detailed packing lists and a range of product-specific assembly tools which make your work even more straightforward. The lift’s electrical components are supplied pre-tested and it’s connectors pre-assembled.

Technical support – fully comprehensive

Our team of skilled engineers is dedicated to the systematic streamlining and effectiveness of your elevator’s operations. We provide technical support, based on our wealth of practical experience, covering both the electrical and the mechanical aspects, from the start of installation works right through to maintenance operations.

Spare parts supply – fast and lifelong

The Mega is a lift system designed to be reliable and long-lasting. We guarantee you the efficient supply of spare parts as required, throughout its entire working life.

Easy to maintain and supremely reliable

The Mega is a high performance lift system of proven reliability – making maintenance work an absolute minimum therefore a cost effective solution long term.


Complete safety for passengers & staff

The Silens-Pro Mega comes equipped with all the elements required to anticipate and prevent accidents, to enable two-way communication and to facilitate fast and efficient passenger release.

Exceptional ride comfort

The Silens-Pro Mega’s Direct Approach System* is supplied as standard, providing passengers with a smooth and precise ride and delivering spot-on car-to-landing stopping accuracy

Sustainability & energy-saving

Our Direct Approach System also reduces travel time compared to lifts unequipped with it. Both this feature and a major improvement in the lift car braking system cut the system’s energy consumption.

Integrated design solution

The entire Silens-Pro range has been designed, manufactured and tested from start to finish by our partner IMEM Lifts – producing a highly competitive global solution of proven quality & reliability.

Silens-Pro Mega compliance with standards

The lift system is supplied compliant with EN 81-1:2001 A3:2010 and Directive 95/16/EC. On request, it can also be supplied compliant with EN 81-21:2009, EN 81-70:2003, EN 81-72:2003 & EN 8171:2005 – among others.

Interior Styling

1300-2000Kg at speeds of up to 1.6m/sec
2100-2900Kg at speeds of up to 1.6m/sec
3000-4000Kg at speeds of up to 1m/sec

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