August 6, 2015
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The Majestic AS1735 And BCA E3 Compliant

The Majestic Also Comes With Australian Design Registration Certificates

The lift for your home

If your looking for an efficient lift solution which takes up little space, is easy to install and increases a property’s value, we are delighted to offer you simply the best solution on the market.

The Majestic is a stylish residential lift suitable for all kinds of different environments. Majestic offers freedom of movement within the home to those for whom stairs represent an insurmountable obstacle, and actively improves their quality of life.

Majestic has been specially designed for passenger transport in family homes, which usually have very limited space available for lift installation. Its competitive sizing and significant advantages over the competition make Majestic the stand-out solution for family homes.

In most existing buildings where lack of space limits or rules out normal pit depth or headroom, the straightforward solution is The Majestic.

The Majestic can be installed both indoors or outdoors.

An elegant lift at your own home

The Majestic shows that a lift can be a warm and welcoming space within any home.

The Majestic is designed to fit in with any surroundings – and to effortlessly improve them. The lift travels inside its own modular freestanding structure which can be supplied in a wide choice of colors or finished with glazed walls by request, adding a touch of sophistication to any home.

We offer a full range of robust and elegant lift cars which are able to satisfy the most demanding tastes and needs, being ideal to harmonize with a great variety of architectural environments.

No major building work. No pit

Installing a Majestic residential lift involves no complicated building work thanks to the robust freestanding structure which forms the lift shaft and which only requires the space which it itself takes up. All this not only gets rid of the major nuisance involved in having building work carried out inside your own home, but also represents major financial savings.

If required, The Majestic can also be installed within a masonry built shaft.

The safety and reliability you expect

The safety features supplied as standard with the Majestic are carefully designed to make it safe and reliable. Passenger safety is ensured by a 2D optically-activated lift car stop mechanism which brings the lift car to a smooth stop on detection of the slightest movement within that area.

We also offer lift users optional extras to increase security according to their particular needs. Keyed switches can be fitted in order to prevent use by unauthorized personnel. A safety device is available, in case of power cuts, which automatically returns the car to the ground floor to allow the safe exit of lift passengers. Majestic is compliant with the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive and offers three-year warranty*.

An energy efficient and environmentally friendly product

The Majestic guarantees low energy consumption and running costs by using the standard household 220-240V outlets. In fact, a Majestic consumes as much energy as a standard household appliance.

The Majestic can optionally operate with an ecologically-sound biodegradable fluid which is not environmentally harmful.

*Three-year warranty against defects in manufacture of mechanical parts and one-year warranty against defects in manufacture of electrical items, traction machine and door

Standard technical features

Standard equipment

Hinged doors with small glass panels and 125 mm door frame. Epoxy RAL 7032 finish EN81-58 fire-resistant for 120 minutes

No lift car door

2D emergency lift car stop mechanism

Lift car: skinplate finish (RL200 series)

Microprocessor-based control system

Landings: call push-buttons mounted on the door frame

Lift car: stainless steel button panel set in centre of wall closest to mechanism

Acoustic alarm button

Rubber floor (Ref. S32GN)

No handrail

Emergency lighting

Guide rails: 5m

No mirror

Information notices


Manually-operated emergency pump for raising car to landing

Hold-to-run Lift Control System

Stop Switch

LED lighting

Single Phase Supply

The home solution

Available Extras

Lift and hydraulic motor control cabinet
E-400 lift and hydraulic motor control cabinet size (700w x 400d x 1500mm h) for speed=0.15m/s


20mm granite car floor finish with 120 mm pit depth

Landing doors

• Hinged doors with small glass panels 100 mm. frame option (EN81-58 fire-resistant)
• Landing door, Automatic hinged doors with large glass panels
• Horizontal entry clearance: 650, 750 or 850 mm
• Vertical entry clearance: 1800, 1850, 1900 or 1950 mm .
• Option motorized

Car door

Automatic bus-type lift car doors with or without glass window, flat or folding (+ 65mm. shaft depth per entrance)

Control electronics

• Radar sensor technology with automatic landing door
• Push-button door opening, no in-car Stop button when there is car door
• Restricted-use key
• Portable inspection kit
• External push-button panels
• Visual and accoustic overload signal (PR. EN 81-41) Voice announcer
• Car Light timer
• Automatic emergency rescue device


• Full-height mirror, one-third of car wall width
• Panoramic lift car. RAL9006 silvered paint finish option for floor, ceiling and safety catches
• Stainless steel round handrail
• Internal lift car height: 2000 o 2200
• Handrails on side wall of car (prEN81-41)


Three entrances to be studied for each project

Shaft lighting

In pit & top of shaft


• Guide rail 2,5m
• Guide rail oil spill collector


• Steel shaft structure
• Structure painted in a different colour (RAL)

Digital indicators

LCD display within lift car LCD display on outside door


*Biodegradable non-contaminant lubricant (for the central hydraulic motor)


• Main electrical supply box
• Ramp of 100mm (without pit)
• Ramp of 120mm (without pit and granite floor in the car)
• Installation tools: Jigg and lifting hook or safety gear releasing pedal
• Telephone in lift car, gondola type or sited within button control panel (prEN81-41)
• Manually-operated emergency pump for raising car to landing (prEN81-41)
• Hold-to-run lift control system (prEN81-41) Information notices as specified in prEN81-41

The RL 200 model offers a highly functional design, based on its straightforward modular panel construction and a fresh and up-to-date range of colour options – an unbeatable combination of value for money and guaranteed reliability. • Car wall panels finished in plastic laminates (skin plate) in a choice of colours The home solution • Hard-wearing floor finishes in rubber, vinyl, marble or granite • Direct in-car lighting with LED spots

The RL 300 car has a clean minimalist design, is extremely robust and versatile and the numerous interior design options ensure a perfect match with the look of your home or office. The home solution • Car wall panels fixed to the metal structure and finished in durable and decorative Formica laminate, available in a wide range of colours • Hard-wearing floor finishes in rubber, vinyl, marble or granite • Direct in-car lighting with LED spots

The stainless steel lift car is an elegant, sophisticated and state-of-the-art option, which fits in well with any surroundings – and always impresses. • Car wall panels in natural stainless steel, elephant skin or linen finish The home solution • Hard-wearing floor finishes in rubber, vinyl, marble or granite • Direct in-car lighting with LED spots

Do you want your lift car specially made to fit in perfectly with the design of your home or office? Are you looking for a completely exclusive lift which corresponds exactly to your own tastes and needs? With our RL Customised model and our in-house printing and pressing plant, all you need to do is tell us the exact motifs, images or decorative designs* you want for your lift car, and we will manufacture it to suit. • Car wall panels fixed to the metal structure and finished in durable and decorative Formica laminate, available in a wide range of colours, combined with screen-printed glass panelling The home solution • Hard-wearing floor finishes in rubber, vinyl, marble or granite • Direct in-car lighting with LED spots

Panoramic lift cars are strikingly beautiful and can be the ideal choice in spacious or outdoor settings. • Car wall panels in laminated safety glass (5+0.76+5mm) The home solution • The section of the car wall where the car operating panel is mounted is finished in stainless steel or plastic laminate (with a decorative design, if desired) • Hard-wearing floor finishes in rubber, vinyl, marble or granite • Direct in-car lighting with LED spots

Available door options

Landing doors are available hinged as well as motorized. The motorized option offers a semiautomatic landing door incorporating a motor which uses an operating arm to open and close the door when the car arrives at landing level.

With the motorized landing door system, we offer as an optional extra a radar device which automatically detects the presence of someone waiting at the landing and opens the door for them without the lift call button being pressed.

We also offer the option of fitting bus-type lift car doors, programmed to remain open when the car is at rest.

Other door options are also available. Please contact us for further information.

Display Options

LCD. Car position and direction indicator that also shows a message when the lift is in error mode. Available in 3” and 5” versions.

Seven inches colour display wich provides information of flour and direction.

Residential Lifts Technical Specifications

Lift Cars

The Majestic offers the choice of five different lift car models to fit in perfectly with every type of interior design. All our cars are carefully designed and manufactured and stand out for their exceptional quality and durability.


See all available door options above

Durable Finishes

Most of the shaft lift components such as the car frame, brackets etc. are supplied epoxy coated, which protects the parts against corrosion.

Control System

Our Altamira lift control system – developed and designed from start to finish by our own R&D+i department – governs Residlift’s
operation with surgical precision, exploiting to the full its top-class specifications. The Altamira control system requires minimal
wiring, thanks to its smart peripheral components using CAN bus networking.


With The Majestic you can thankfully forget about the major inconvenience of digging out a lift shaft pit. The freestanding structure incorporates its own 100mm pit and includes a simple ramp. Where the shaft is masonrybuilt, pit depth is only 100mm


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