The Orbitz Elevators Experience


Our Vision

“To deliver the Orbitz Elevators Experience”


Our Mission

“The Orbitz Experience” by ensuring at the heart of our identity and culture is an absolute commitment to exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.


Core Values


Professionalism is made up of responsibility, work ethic, demeanour, accountability, quality and collaboration all playing a vital role in delivering the Orbitz Experience to our external and internal clients.


Honesty is to openly communicate, display transparency, show respect to others, provide equality and fairness and have no prejudice or bias towards any of our valued customers and employees so that everyone can enjoy the Orbitz Experience.


Visionary is to listen and share all our common beliefs and senses of the Orbitz Purpose. This creates a sense of belonging to all Orbitz employees within the organisation driving the Orbitz Experience for our clients.


Empathy is to gather a good understanding of others needs and requirements. It is extremely important to us that the Orbitz Experience exceeds our customers’ needs and expectations as well as providing the required support our employees need.


Integrity is one of our core values that drives the Orbitz Experience. It is derived by commitment, trust, loyalty and reliability. We strive on building and developing long lasting relationships with both our internal and external customers.


Positivity is having a strong-minded attitude to help an individual succeed even in the most difficult circumstances. The Orbitz Experience is made up of positive characteristics that help motivate and drive our business forward.


Transformational Leadership is a special type of leadership that changes the status quo by appealing to the values and beliefs of employees. It also motivates our employees to become leaders in their own capacity and inspire them to be active in change initiative which is a critical factor in delivering the Orbitz Experience.


Core Competencies

  • Superior Customer Service
  • Tailor-made Flexibility throughout the organisation to meet our customers’ needs.
Orbitz Elevators