About Orbitz Elevators

Orbitz Elevators is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated, we support local businesses and the prosperity of our Australian economy. Orbitz Elevators entered the Australian and offshore market quickly changing people’s perception of elevator service providers. We are doing this by simply standing by our promises and providing our client with superb value for money. We personalise our services and focus on developing long lasting clientele relationships.

Orbitz Elevators continues to rapidly grow within the industry and we embrace any opportunities presented to our continually growing portfolio. We are proud to have several key personnel including senior management and team members who have previously been associated with various major elevator companies from around the world. Together, we have over 700 years collective experience!

Through research and customer surveys, we understand the known customer pain points within the industry. We capitalise on these pain points and provide services catering customer needs and requirements. Our reputation continues to strengthen within the market and we are becoming a recognised force for exceeding customer expectations.

At Orbitz Elevators, our business philosophy is delivering high quality services to our customers with integrity and professionalism. Through strategic recruitment, training and development programs, we have established a business with a powerful team culture all sharing the same vision, values and goals of the organisation. Every employee at Orbitz Elevators thoroughly understands the critical importance of delivering professionalism to our clients and how it makes our business unique and differentiated within the industry.

Our state of the art elevator products offer superb performance, reliability, as well as aesthetics and sophistication. We have a large range of specialised elevators to choose from, including elevators designed for hospitals, nursing homes, shopping centres, public buildings, high rise buildings, residential houses as well as vehicle elevators and more.

Our business invests in high quality products for our valued clients and in return has provided us with repeat business and satisfied customers. Offering complete flexibility, we can modify our products and designs to meet our clients’ needs and specifications from our wide range of products and stylish interiors. All our elevators are compliant and supported with Australian Design Registration Certificates.

Not only are we professionals in installation, we are also very passionate about maintaining and extending the lifecycle of our customers’ valuable assets. Whether its Maintenance, Modernisation or Repair, you can depend on Orbitz to deliver quality services that will exceed expectations. We are a company of integrity and professionalism and our attention to detail is second to none. Orbitz Elevators have very effective procedures put into place for our clients and we aim to maximise value, convenience, customer satisfaction and equipment lifecycles.

Our high-quality service and customer centric business model has driven tremendous growth not only in the Gold Coast but across Australia and Offshore and our products and services can now be seen distributed in major cities such as the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Sunshine Coast as well as Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea.


Orbitz Elevators