8 Warning Signs that your Elevator needs Modernisation

Elevator modernisation improves elevator comfort, performance, passenger safety, and aesthetics, while enhancing the value of your real estate investment.

Repetitive repairs and constant shutdowns are just a few of the warning signs that your elevator is in desperate need of a modernisation. Upgrading existing equipment is the best way to incorporate the newest advances in passenger safety, efficiency, and reliability.
Elevators not equipped with today’s technologies can be dangerous, with unexpected shutdowns, uneven floor landings, unreliable emergency phones, and doors that are unresponsive to passenger movement. These important risk factors can be addressed to reduce the risk of injury, and ensure an elevator meets current safety standards.

Your elevator is a major asset investment to the building, modernisation will increase the value of your important assets.

As well as addressing passenger safety, elevator modernisation can significantly improve energy efficiency, save on ongoing repeated building costs and improve traffic flow in your building.

Modernisation is also key in improving customer satisfaction, allowing building owners to provide a transportation experience that delights instead of frustrates, with smoother quieter elevator rides.

Upgrading aesthetics through elevator modernisation will increase your assets value, converting an older building to have a new modern feel.

Here are 8 warning signs that your elevator requires modernisation, which every building owner and facility manager should be aware of:

  1. More than one shutdown per month
  2. Complaints about noisy or bumpy rides
  3. Increasing repair costs and/or repetitive repairs
  4. Unacceptably long wait times
  5. Unresponsive doors when exiting or entering
  6. Control buttons inaccessible to disabled persons
  7. Performs at slower than rated speeds
  8. Obsolete equipment installed from the OEMs

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